New Public Art by Renowned Artists Add to Gardens’ Canvass

World renown museums cradle Yerba Buena Gardens, but new public art in the gardens provides visitors with a free everyday opportunity to enjoy a world-class collection of sculptures, murals and light installations by noted artists from around the globe.

Four new pieces, each outdoors, were added to eleven existing works as part of the expansion and improvements to Moscone Center where the gardens are located.

Take a walk that will inspire, intrigue and delight and you’ll see why Yerba Buena is the cultural heart of the city.

A new collection of inspiration

Christine Corday | Genesis
Christine Corday | Genesis

Christine Corday’s “Genesis,” with its massive arcing segments of melted and hewn stainless steel supported by a concrete form, is near the Corner of 4th and Howard streets.

Sara Sze | Double Horizon
Sara Sze | Double Horizon—Installation to be completed soon

Sara Sze’s “Double Horizon” sits on top of the Paseo connecting the north and south sides of the gardens. It’s two large boulders are split in half and flanking the path, between which the viewer walks and discovers that the flat inner surface of the split boulders, which create pixelated color images of the sky at different times of the day. Her work has appeared in major museums in New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Chico MacMurtrie | Urge
Chico MacMurtrie | Urge

Urge,” created by Chico MacMurtrie, has a new home near the LeRoy King Carousel at the Children’s Creativity Museum. This interactive robotic bronze sculpture stands up and rises with you.

Brendon Monroe | Roll
Brendon Monroe | Roll

Below the Paseo, see “Roll” by Brendon Monroe, a mural inspired by the movement of water and air in nature that resembles a layer of fog coming in over the San Francisco’s coastal mountains.

Leo Villareal | PointCloud
Leo Villareal | PointCloud

Looking toward 3rd street, Leo Villareal’s “PointCloud,” a light installation is part of the Moscone East Bridge with more than 50,000 full-color LEDs, and about 800 mirrored stainless steel rods that hang from the ceiling and support the LED matrix with constantly evolving patterns. Villareal is the artist behind “The Bay Lights” on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge that is the world’s largest light art installation.

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Public Art classics at Yerba Buena Gardens

That’s just the start of a remarkable art walk around Yerba Buena Gardens.

Keith Haring | Untitled—Three Dancing Figures
Keith Haring | Untitled—Three Dancing Figures

See Keith Haring’s “Untitled—Three Dancing Figures” colorful enamel on aluminum and concrete sculpture is at Howard and 3rd Streets.

MLK Memorial Silver Walls | Yerba Buena Gardens
Lin Utzon | Silver Walls

Dutch artist Lin Utzon designed “Silver Walls,” which flank the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Waterfall as sculpted and silvered forms to reflect the surrounding nuances of water, sky, and landscape.

Green Glass Ship | Yerba Buena Gardens
John Roloff | Green Glass Ship—Deep Gradient/Suspect Terrain

John Roloff’s 18-foot-high sculpture “Green Glass Ship—Deep Gradient/Suspect Terrain,” rises above the East Garden terrace accompanies by portholes that allow a hint of activity to be seen in the Moscone Center, located below.

Shaking Man | Yerba Buena Gardens
Terry Allen | Shaking Man

Shaking Man,” the popular life-size bronze statue created by artist Terry Allen presents a multi-dimensional business executive who greets visitors to Yerba Buena Gardens near the western edge of the terrace level of the Esplanade.

Come on over and see what we’ve added to YBG

So, talk a walk around Yerba Buena Gardens. Art is everywhere for all to see and enjoy.

Before you arrive, get oriented by checking out or downloading our handy Yerba Buena Gardens Map. Print it out and take it with you to find your way around when you arrive.

Yerba Buena Gardens Map

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