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About Yerba Buena Gardens


Yerba Buena Gardens is a collection of urban mixed-use spaces and structures that include both private uses (i.e., commercial retail properties) and public uses (i.e., cultural facilities, performance venues, recreational venues, and significant amounts of public open space with garden areas, plazas, children’s play areas, artwork, a historic carousel, and fountains). The Gardens function as a self-financing entity, where surrounding developments are required to financially support its operation and maintenance. Combined integrally with the Moscone Convention Center, this mixture of multiple uses makes the Gardens a unique and vital urban oasis for visitors, residents of the Yerba Buena neighborhood, and the entire City.

Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy

The Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy manages the three city blocks of Yerba Buena Gardens bound by 3rd, 4th, Market and Folsom streets. The Yerba Buena Gardens properties are owned by the City and County of San Francisco and managed by the Conservancy under a long-term lease.

Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy Mission

We provide arts, culture, recreation, and nature in beautiful, accessible, welcoming spaces for everyone through stewardship and collaboration.

Vision for the Gardens

A joyful and thriving place that inspires culture, connection, healing, and a feeling of community for all.

What’s at Yerba Buena Gardens?



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Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy Values

  • Equity
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Sustainability

Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy Vision of Success

To be successful in our mission, the Conservancy seeks to serve as a hub and convenor as we maintain and evolve a thriving Gardens ecosystem in a manner that engenders trust and value. We look to provide a vibrant and active Gardens with a clear, responsive, and strong identity and purpose. We want the ecosystem of the gardens to be an intentional model for how we include marginalized voices and how public space can be equitable. Our goal is for equity and inclusion to be operationalized as a part of the Conservancy.