Elevator Maintenance Services

Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy Requirements

Elevator Service Contractor will be required to comply with all applicable Conservancy requirements including, but not limited to, the Non-Discrimination in Contracts and Benefits Ordinance, Minimum Compensation Ordinance (MCO) Declaration, the First Source Hiring Ordinance, and the Health Care Accountability Ordinance. The Conservancy requires the same standard of compliance as is required of all City and County of San Francisco vendors.

Services to Be Performed are as follows

Elevator Service Contractor to provide repair and maintenance services as requested by Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy.

Elevator Service Contractor (Contractor/Vendor) agrees to maintain client’s elevator equipment described below in accordance with this agreement. Contractor/Vendor to provide a comprehensive maintenance program designed to protect client’s investment and maximize the performance, safety, and life span of the elevator equipment to be maintained.

Elevator Maintenance Services Table | Yerba Buena Gardens

Preventative Maintenance Program

Contractor/Vendor will service equipment described in this agreement on a regularly scheduled basis. These service visits will be performed during normal business working days and hours, which are defined as Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (except scheduled holidays).

Contractor/Vendor to routinely examine and repair all Yerba Buena Gardens elevator equipment components for optimum operation. Examination, lubrication and
adjustment will cover the following components of each Yerba Buena Gardens elevator system; Hydraulic Elevator Service.

  • Relay Logic Control System
  • All control system components.
  • Microprocessor Control System
  • All control system components. System performance examinations will be conducted to ensure that dispatching and motion control systems are fully operational.
  • Power Unit
  • Pump, motor, valves, and all related parts and accessories.
  • Hoistway and Pit Equipment
  • Inspect and clean all elevator control equipment and buffers and pit.
  • Rails and Guides
  • Guide rails, guide shoe gibs, and rollers, including cleanliness of.
  • Electrical and Wiring Components
  • All elevator control wiring and all power wiring from the elevator equipment input terminals to the motor.
  • Door Equipment
  • Automatic door operators, hoistway and car door hangers, hoistway and car door contacts and tracks, door protective devices, hoistway door interlocks, door gibs, auxiliary door closing devices, and thresholds.
  • Manual Freight Door Equipment
  • Switches, retiring cams, interlocks, guide shoes, sheaves, rollers, chains, sprockets, tensioning devices, and counter-balancing equipment.
  • Power Freight Door Equipment
  • Controller, relays, contactors, rectifiers, timers, resistors, solid state components, door motors, retiring cams, interlocks, switches, guide shoes, sheaves, rollers, chains, sprockets, and tensioning devices.
  • Hydraulic System Accessories
  • Exposed piping, fittings accessories between the pumping unit and the jack, jack packing, hydraulic fluid, and any heating or cooling elements installed by the original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) for controlling fluid temperature.
  • Signals and Accessories
  • Car operating panels, hall push button stations, hall lanterns, emergency lighting, re-lamp signal fixtures, car and hall position indicators, car operating panels, fireman’s service equipment and all other signals, and accessory facilities furnished and installed as an integral part of the elevator equipment.
  • Car Equipment
  • All elevator control system components on the car.
  • Contractor to install four cellular emergency call box units on top of elevator car.
  • Examination and Lubrication
  • Elevator Contractor will provide the labor, all lubricants, greases, and wiping cloths to perform maintenance visits to examine and/or lubricate the following equipment areas per twelve-month period:
  • Control system
  • Power unit and/or machines
  • Hydraulic system accessories
  • Hoistway and pit equipment
  • Door equipment
  • Signals and accessories rails and guides

Full Coverage Parts Repair and Replacement

Elevator Contractor will provide full coverage parts repair and/or replacement for all components worn due to normal wear unless specifically excluded in the contract and owner must be made aware. Contractor/Vendor must maintain and provide a comprehensive parts inventory to support field operations. All replacement parts used in equipment will be new or refurbished and approved by YBGC Management. All parts are to meet generally accepted industry quality standards. Elevator Contractor will re-lamp all signals as required during regularly scheduled visits.

Maintenance Control Program

Elevator Contractor will perform service in accordance with A17.1 – 2010 / CSA 844-10. Section 8.6 of the code requires the unit owner to have a Maintenance Control Program (MCP). The Maintenance Control Program must include Maintenance Tasks & Records documentation which shall be used to record all maintenance, repairs, replacements, and tests performed on the equipment and is provided with each unit as required by code. Contractor to provide said documentation to Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy after each service, or when requested by the Conservancy. The Elevator Company will also provide per Section 8.6 of the code, a maintenance tasks procedures manual with each unit; Elevator Contractor should also provide a Basic Elevator Procedures Manual. Elevator Contractor to include all annual tests required by the State of California Code.

Quality Assurance

To assure that quality standards are being maintained, Contractor/Vendor to conduct periodic field quality audit surveys. Contractor/Vendor will provide a constant check-in with the Conservancy to provide an open line of communication to elevator needs containing all aspects of service and modernization. In addition, Contractor/Vendor should provide recommendations for upgrades as well as providing a budget for designs to enhance the appearance, performance, and safety of or meet Code requirements for your equipment over time.

Service Requests During Normal Working Days and Hours

Service requests are defined as any request for dispatch of our technician to the location of the elevator equipment covered in this agreement from one or more of the following: you or your representative, the building or building’s representative, emergency personnel, and/or passengers through the elevator’s communication device and/or from through the elevator’s communication line. Service requests include minor adjustments and response to emergency entrapments that can be accomplished in three hours or less (excluding travel time) and do not include regularly scheduled maintenance visits.
Contractor/Vendor to respond to service requests during normal business working days and hours, as defined above, at no additional charge.

Overtime Service Request

All work that will require OT should be approved by Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy on an emergency basis. OT work should be clearly defined and a budget given of work proposed.
Contractor/Vendor Communications Contact Information:
Section 1, Elevator Detail (4 on The Property)
Elevator Unit #, Unit Name, and Emergency Phone: (Elevator #s TBD)

  • 102280 | West Elevator: ###
  • 102276 | East Elevator: ###
  • 111414 | Folsom Elevator: ###
  • 111380 | CDC Elevator: ###

Client Designated Contacts

In the event of an emergency, or perceived emergency affecting the equipment covered by this Agreement, the Client designates the following as its decision-making contacts:

  • Bri Maughan, General Manager | 707-738-6615
  • Tony Pellegrini, Director of Opps and Capital Projects | 415-741-7252

Local Emergency Services Contact Information

  • SFPD | 415-553-0123
  • SFFD | 415-558-3200


Contractor/Vendor agrees to instruct or warn passengers in the proper use of the equipment and to keep the equipment under continued surveillance by competent personnel to detect irregularities between elevator examinations. Contractor/Vendor agrees to immediately report any condition that may indicate the need for correction before the next regular examination. Contractor/Vendor agrees to immediately shut down the equipment upon manifestation of any irregularities in either the operation or the appearance of the equipment, to immediately notify Client, and to keep the equipment shut down until the completion of any repairs. Contractor/Vendor agrees to give us immediate verbal notice and written notice within ten (10) days after any occurrence or accident in or about the elevator. Contractor/Vendor agrees to provide Vendor and Client personnel with a safe place to work. Client agrees to provide a suitable machine room, including secured doors, waterproofing, lighting, ventilation, and appropriate air temperature control to maintain that room at a temperature between 50°F and 90°F. Contractor/Vendor agrees to maintain the elevator pit in a clean and dry condition at all times and free and clear of debris. Should water or other liquids become present, Contractor/Vendor will immediately notify Client, and contract with others for removal and the proper handling of such liquids; contract to be approved by Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy.

Special Event Mechanic Standby

Upon request, Contractor/Vendor will provide a mechanic for *standby during special events. The applicable standard hourly billing rates will apply and work will need to be approved and billed on a time & material basis separately. (*A minimum of 1-week notice will be required for normal hours stand-by. 2-week minimum notice for OT hours standby.)

Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy Personnel

Following are key contacts for information you may seek in preparing your proposal:

The final awardee will be required to comply with Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy and City and County of San Francisco insurance and indemnification language. Insurance language will be provided to any bidder upon request.

Submission of Proposal

A proposal submitted received after 11:00 am on August 14, 2020, will be deemed non-responsive and will be rejected. After a proposal has been submitted, no modifications to the proposal will be allowed.

Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your proposal.

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