Yerba Buena Gardens under construction
Workers, equipment and activity all around | Yerba Buena Garden

Here at Yerba Buena Gardens, the popular Children’s Creativity Museum is currently in the center of a neighborhood under major construction. With workers, equipment and activity all around, it’s more important than ever to consider how design, engineering, and construction achieve the best outcomes when practiced with inspired creativity and diverse collaboration.

Deconstructing the change with art + tech

In recognition of the big changes underway at YBG, the Children’s Creativity Museum is currently featuring an exciting exhibition which uses art and technology to inspire conversations about the elements of strong communities including:

  • Diversity
  • Civic Function
  • Public Spaces
  • Environments
  • Creative Expression
  • Design
  • Technology
Sketch Town | Children’s Creativity Museum
Sketch Town is an immersive digital experience | Children’s Creativity Museum

Under the them of BuildSF, the centerpiece of the exhibition is Sketch Town. It’s an immersive digital experience, installed within the museum’s iconic cone. Visitors of all ages can create buildings and vehicles, which are scanned and projected on an interactive virtual city.

This exhibit was selected to complement other museum programs that also illustrate the creativity employed in architecture and construction. Children and families will be able to build structures of blocks and magnets, create claymation videos, and solve design challenges related to the construction theme. The exhibit was made available in partnership with teamLab and Hitachi America, Ltd.

The cool video previews some of the activities + results of Sketch Town | Click the Play Arrow

Fulfill your design inspiration

Get over to the Children’s Creativity Museum and bring your creative and design inspiration for an opportunity to draw your own buildings and vehicles, scan them, and interact with your creations as they populate a virtual city spanning an immense projection surface.

Sketch Town offers a fun way to learn about building healthy communities, urban planning, city living, and transportation. And check out Sketch Town’s new panoramic view and how the newscopter is projected higher in our iconic cone.

Children’s Creativity Museum | Yerba Buena Gardens
Get over to the Children’s Creativity Museum to check out Sketch Town

See you there

Pack up your ideas, put on your thinking cap, and get over to Yerba Buena Gardens for some great, interactive family fun at Sketch Town.

We look forward to seeing your creations there!

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